alex / leporidaemon

freelance artist ✦ y2k lover ✦ bridge bunny ✦ insufferable hell creature

I'm Alex. I'm 22 years old, and I'm a freelance artist whose been drawing seriously for about a decade, and have around 9 years of freelance experience. I am passionate about fashion, story-telling, and character design.COMMISSIONS ⸬ OPEN
CONTACT ⸬ Twitter DM or [email protected]
✦ born jan 31
✦ any pronouns
✦ nonbinary and demisexual
✦ infp-t
✦ aquarius ☉ / sagittarius ☽ / libra ᴬˢᶜ
✦ ✦ ✦

⚠ CAUTION: this site may contain suggestive content/mild nudity.

commission pricing


By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service and agree to abide by my guidelines. ⁝ All prices in USD. ⁝ All prices are per-character, and may warrant fees depending on complexity or large edits.

commission queue

fullbody $50
waist-up $40

white/solid color background default.
✦ rough coloring: ADD $10

fullbody $100
waist-up $95

solid color/simple geometric background default.
✦ large props/weapons/background elements/magazine-like text/graphics: negotiable

fullbody $150
waist-up $130

cel or soft shaded. ⁝ solid color/simple geometric background default.
✦ large props/weapons/background elements/magazine-like text/graphics: negotiable


approx. 800x800 pixels.


full size up to approx. 256x256 pixels.note⸬ twitch no longer requires three emote sizes to be uploaded individually.
the old way is still available if you prefer to use it, so alternate sizes can be provided if requested.


generally simple in style by default. ⁝ negotiable according to style/complexity.


512x512 pixels.

front only $200+
front + back $300+

includes color palette + written character details if any.
✦ headshots/expressions: ADD $25 ea.
✦ additional angles: ADD $80 ea.
✦ alt. outfits/props/etc.: negotiable

terms of service

By purchasing a commission from me, you agree to these terms in their entirety, whether you have read them or not.
Last updated: 01/06/22


  • Payments are in USD, via PayPal invoice only. Please do not send payments via PayPal.Me or my Ko-fi unless otherwise stated.

  • Tips are accepted via the PayPal invoice or my Ko-fi, but never required.

  • As of December 2021, commissions priced at $100 or more may be partially paid until the draft is approved, after which point I require full payment in order to proceed.

  • You must have adequate visual reference. Text descriptions are only accepted in the case of character design commissions, but are preferred to be supplemented with references for outfits and such.

  • If your commission is time-sensitive, you must notify me ahead of time. Rush fees may be requested in order to prioritize your commission, however it is not always guaranteed that I will accept such commission requests.


  • Depending on your commission's complexity, my queue length, and life circumstances, my turnaround time may fluctuate. Please be aware of this when commissioning me.

  • I have a publicly-viewable queue available, but you may also periodically ask me directly for status updates. You will receive a sketch preview (if applicable) by default once I'm ready to move onto the next stage.

  • My commissions are not strictly first-come-first-served. While I try my best to work chronologically, I may prioritize certain commissions depending on simplicity, personal interest, or if the commissioner has paid a rush fee.


  • While I can make small edits/adjustments throughout the process of your commission, you must notify me of large edits or full refund requests prior to moving on from the draft stage. Large edits made after the fact will incur a fee. Only partial refunds will be given after the draft stage.

  • I reserve the right to decline commission requests (prior to payment) or fully refund a commission at any time, for my own reasons, regardless of person.

  • If a chargeback is filed suddenly without prior notice while the commission is in progress, you will be blacklisted from my services.


  • I maintain the rights over the work I do for posting on social media and promoting my work, unless negotiated otherwise.

  • You may use your commissioned work for personal use only, unless negotiated otherwise. My work may not be taken credit for, traced, altered, monetized/merchandised, or otherwise redistributed (with exception to posting your commissioned work to social media) without my explicit consent. Emotes used on streaming sites such as Twitch are an exception to this.

  • You are within your rights to re-sell adoptables/original character designs that are purchased from me, without restriction. You may also re-sell a design you own the rights to, bundled with associated art commissioned from me.

  • I do not, under any circumstances, allow for the minting, trading, or selling of my work as NFTs, be it commissioned work or otherwise. This is non-negotiable, and you will be immediately blacklisted from my services if this term is violated.


If something is not listed here and you're unsure about whether I'd draw it, just ask!

My preference ⸬ single subjects, pin-up art, outfit design (sleek/simple outfit silhouettes, bold colors)


  • OCs/sonas and fanart

  • Humans, furries, kemonomimi, androids/robots

  • Ship art/PDA

  • Virtually any body type (with exception to hyper-muscular)

  • Nudity, suggestive themes, smut

  • Mild gore (blood, cuts, bruises, etc.) and light body horror


  • NSFW/porn

  • Mild fetishes (ask if unsure)

  • Mecha, reptilian, skeletal characters/aspects

  • Feral characters


  • Hardcore fetishes (scat/watersports, inflation, vore, macro/micro, transformation, non-con, etc)

  • Underage, CP, lolicon/shotacon

  • Hyper-muscular characters

  • Complex mecha/reptilian/skeletal characters

  • Real-life people

  • Heavy/elaborate armor

  • Complex backgrounds

  • Heavy gore (such as exposed organs)

  • Anything without sufficient visual reference

  • Content promoting offensive material (racism, sexism, transphobia, hate, violence, etc)

  • Feral porn

commission queue

𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖗𝖊𝖋𝖊𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖈𝖊

for commissions & stuff


  • himalayan rabbit

  • 22 years old

  • nonbinary (any pronouns)

  • demisexual

  • 5'6" / 120 lbs

  • petite, subtly pear-shaped, C-cup


  • name is pronounced "awn-yah"

  • infp-t, true neutral/chaotic good

  • fashion style is primarily y2k, techwear, punky/grunge, sporty, loungewear


  • all jewelry is silver - horshoe septum, 4 studs in each earlobe (primary/first piercing can be a dangly one), double helix rings on left ear, nipple barbells (optional)

  • hair is a fiery ombre (dark roots, red base, orange/yellow ends), almost always wears hair in a high ponytail or messy bun

  • ears are generally on the pointier side and can vary in size

  • base coat is creamy off-white (not pure white), dark fur is charcoal-esque (not pure black)

  • dark triangular markings below eyes/on cheekbones and above inner eyebrows, dark fur on limbs goes up to knees and elbows, tail/ears are dark and inner ears are dusty rose

  • eyes are black/grey, with an optional highlight ring around pupil

  • often wears huge circle glasses but not mandatory

  • a couple ahoge-like baby hairs stick up on hairline


  • Kuromi and Marroncream (Sanrio)

  • pc music, hyperpop, dance pop, ambient/noise, webcore, speedcore

  • decorative knives/daggers, barbed wire, chains, Metallic Things

  • black/dark/neutral clothing, with bright pops of color

  • neon acrylic/pvc things

  • (secretly likes) having her hair played with

  • RED, also yellow and black

  • y2k, webcore, and cyberpunk aesthetic (but not like Too cyberpunk)

  • cold weather

  • these emojis ⛓️🔪🚬🩸🐇🗡️💫😈🕊️🌹


  • country music

  • math

  • olives, greasy foods

  • hot weather

  • having her ears/tail touched

  • being tickled

  • being touched like at all outside of close friends/significant other

  • when people try to force her to laugh/smile

  • wearing pants, or a bra, or most things besides a giant sweatshirt or a small top and a big jacket

  • "hump like rabbits" jokes, and being offered carrots


  • lactose-intolerant but physically cannot stop consuming dairy products

  • loves heavy thunder/rain storms but is terrified of heavy winds

  • bad case of agoraphobia/enochlophobia

  • kind of exudes Chaotic Brat Energy but is actually pretty mellow and way less unhinged than you'd think